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Historic Building Appraisals

West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

Historic Building Appraisals

Historic building appraisals involve gathering evidence from both on site surveys as well as desk-based research such as historic maps and records to develop a clear picture of a building’s development and significance in order to clearly understand and assess the impact of alterations.

Through a combination of desk-based research such as historic maps and records as well as surveying the historic fabric on site we are often able to develop a remarkably detailed history of a building, it owners and former use. This is not only useful when preparing an assessment of significance to inform a development proposal but it also a great document for homeowners to have which gives a glimpse in to the lives of previous owners.

Often required for applications for listed building consent, the appraisal will tend to form part of a wider package of services but can also be provided as a standalone service.

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